Barilla created Piccolini, perfectly miniature versions of traditional Italian pasta shapes, especially for kids. Their fun shapes encourage children's imaginations and helps you teach them how to eat healthily and to enjoy simple tasty meals everyday. And you'll find Piccolini delights the whole family, not just the kids.
  • Mini Fusilli

    Fusilli originated in the South of Italy and were created from the idea of rolling spaghetti around a knitting-needle. Then, according to the taste and traditions of the different Italian regions, their shape evolved in thousands of variations, all joined together by the characteristic spiral shape. Barilla has recreated this traditional shape in miniature, maintaining all its unique features. Small in shape but full of flavour, Mini Fusilli will be loved by the whole family, and add a creativite touch to your favourite pasta dish.

  • Mini Penne Rigate

    Penne are one of the most popular pasta shapes. Their ridges originate in the north of Italy, while their shape is originally from Naples. Barilla has recreated this traditional shape in miniature, maintaining its quality and unmistakable taste. Typical of Mini Penne Rigate is its slender shape, angled end cut, to resemble an antique quill, and the deep ridges which are ideal to hold all sauces. Mini Penne Rigate appear slimmer and lighter, and are ideal to give a novelty touch to your favourite Italian dish and please the whole family.

  • Mini Farfalle

    Farfalle are one of the most interesting shapes of Italian pasta. Barilla has re-invented their delicate and airy shape making it smaller and lighter, whilst rigorously maintaining their taste and quality. Mini Farfalle are a delight to use everyday, giving a touch of creativity and elegance which the whole family will enjoy.