Netiquette, or online rules of behaviour, is a set of useful rules you should adhere to when you participate in digital projects of communities, forums, chats and user generated content. The Barilla website proposes a netiquette that we kindly ask you to respect for a "civilized cohabitation" for all members. The violation of one or more of these rules will involve the censorship of the post or, at worst, the removal of the registered user.

For any further information, please write to the following email address here.


1. When entering a community, you should read a few published comments before typing in order to get a feel for the flow of conversation. This way, you won’t say anything that is completely off-topic, which would detract from the conversation.

2. Before asking questions, please check if there's an answer in the FAQs.

3. Try to forward brief but clear messages. No one wants to scroll through many lines to get to the next comment. Don't repeat the same ideas, don't be too long and don't leave posts too often. Many people are tempted to repeat the same idea or send a flood of messages. Before "swamping" a discussion area, please ask yourself: "will others find what I'm saying interesting?".

4. Please don't use all upper case letters in the subject or in the text of your message, it's equal to "screaming" and is unnecessary.

5. Try to stay on topic; even if sometimes you can submit an off-topic post to a thread by adding the [OT] tag, i.e. Off Topic, in the subject of your message, this cannot  be considered a rule.

6. If you reply to a comment, please clearly highlight the main points linked to the original post in order to let people who didn't read it keep track of the thread of the conversation; yet, please don't re-quote the whole original comment.

7. Please think through your response before posting. It can happen to read something that bothers you, but think before reacting. Make sure you sure have a feel for the "local" tone, tradition and language? Should you answer immediately or wait awhile to see if someone else makes a post? Could a privave message be more appropriate? Situations often become inflamed by misunderstandings - it is better to consider your response carefully.

8. Please avoid inflammatory comments, i.e. comments that can turn into heated exchanges on a message board or in a chat room. Please avoid private dissents within the domain of online communities, especially if they're controversial. Don't publish messages with no useful content to anyone who reads or that simply take somebody's side in a dispute.

9. Never publish contents of email or private messages without  the explicit permission of their writer.

10. Accept others' grammatical or spelling mistakes. Writers should try to improve their way of writing in order to be easily understood by others.

11. Any text containing insults, unbecoming or discriminatory words as for ideas, gender, race, religion, or whatever other users have expressed, will be immediately removed and the writer won't have access to the community any longer.